We've created an innovative new way to help support a shift in companies' cultures globally and give voice to employees at every level. The new Bioo ECOHR is a customizable, interactive experience that highlights the role employees play in sustainability and innovation.



The team

Shiva Roofeh

facilitator, educator, TEDx speaker

With 10 years in Executive Education specializing in Cultural Intelligence and Leadership, Roofeh works as a global facilitator, educator and speaker. She provides Bioo partners with customizable, interactive experiences virtually in both English and Spanish.


electricity from nature

We aim to lead the shift to a greener future. Our goal is to help companies around the world, big and small, bridge sustainability efforts directly to the employees that will ultimately drive the future of these companies and the world.


Experience sustainability

Hands-on immersion

Participants venture on a quest to discover a new concept of energy, collaborating in small groups to create biological batteries using the BiooEd Kit.

Unpacking the experience

During a virtual session, participants define what sustainability means to them and how it applies to the organization, and agree on the values needed to bring it forward.

Sustainability values

Participants go through several activities to understand the benefits of sustainability values in business, empowering them to map the resources they currently have and find better solutions than the current ones.

Actionable next steps

The session ends with a deep dive into how to apply the session's learning in everyday life, and participants decide on a set of clear next steps they can implement to start living their sustainability values.


Specialized group


3-hour interactive online training session

Game (W³): What,

So What, Now


5 hours prework:

Kit building -

Follow up calls -

Videos and materials -

Questionnaires -


Creating electricity 

from nature

Using the unique Bioo technology for electricity generation from nature.

We gamify the learning process

and deliver a



How is it done? 

Benefits for your team

Experience how technology and nature can mix

Be able to achieve internal cohesion through aligning their motivations with the organization´s inspiring vision

Feel empowered and motivated to live in a more sustainable way professionally and personally

Active environmental participation.

Will have several ideas on how to use the values in their everyday life

Personalized plan available



  • Delivery of Bioo kits to all participants.

  • Preparatory session with Shiva Roofeh and the HR team.

  • Pre-work session.

  • Final training session.

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