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Bioo in EXPO ASTANA 2017

We are participants of the Expo Astana 2017!

Last year 2016, we were chosen by Expo Astana out of 300 candidates from all over the world to represent Spain as one of the promising companies when it comes to future alternative energy sources.

After 8 months of preparation, on the 7th of June we were flying to Astana in Kazakhstan to exhibit our green products in our Bioo Stand.

We are glad to share this experience with you and thank Expo Astana staff for having invited us to this awesome experience.

About Expo Astana 2017: Future Energy

Expo Astana 2017 is the worldwide biggest fair on energy innovations for the future. As is name says, it takes place in Astana, Kazakhstan and reunites more than 100 countries for three consecutive months under the same space starting already in June.

"Expo Astana 2017 Future Energy is conceived as an extensive, integral project that addresses the fascinating topic of energy from several perspectives, allowing for it to be contemplated as a determining factor in how societies and everyday life function.

The Future Energy project is supported and organized on the pillars of sustainable development, understood as a process aimed at meeting economic and social needs as well as those relating to cultural diversity and a healthy environment.

The vision of Future Energy is to highlight solutions and paths that ensure sustainable energy management. These pathways are aimed at: combating climate change and reducing CO2 emissions, promoting energy alternatives – renewable energy in particular – and driving energy efficiency programmes, ensuring energy security, managing energy production, storage and use and guaranteeing universal access to sustainable energy. " - Expo Astana Facebook

Our Stand

In our stand, we were exhibiting the basis of our technology. the first version of the Bioo Panel and, additionally, the first version of our educational product: Bioo Ed.

Concerning the panel, this first version explains the visitors the possibilities we offer with our technology. It is planned that in the near future houses can produce and use their own electricity by implementing 100 panels with plants or grass, which produce 3w each.

The Bioo Ed, is our coming product that fulfills educational purposes. We truly believe that children need to learn to acquire a sustainable lifestyle and how to generate their own clean energy. Future generations are the ones who can have a great impact on Earth and with this product, constructing biological batteries, they will learn about it.


For the very first time we were letting people interact with our products, the feedback we received was very positive and people were and are still excited to see that this future green energy source will be soon available for everyone to have.

We were also surrounded by other important companies which also look forward to offering sustainable solutions to whom we wish great success and strongly support since we aim the same: a greener planet.

Finally, we participated in different interviews with media from China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Singapore, Australia and many other media covering this huge event.

Take a look!

Pablo Vidarte


Team Bioo.

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