• Nathaly Riaño

We are inaugurating Blog!

Today we are really happy to announce that we are inaugurating our Blog, This new communication channel that will enable us to have more direct contact with you and grow a stronger Bioo Community!

With every post, we will like to share more about us and our journey to achieve our maximum goal: make Earth green again providing the greenest energy source from plants and the greenest products.

Organizational points

This being said, we will keep it simple: in our blog you’ll find information about our company, our products, some tips and tricks on sustainability, news about green topics and alternative energies as well as advice on entrepreneurship- Don’t forget we are a young team, young entrepreneurs like you following our passions.

Thus, these topics will be classified in Tags: Company, Products, Sustainability, Green Energy, respectively, for you to choose your favorite or favorites!

Wait for a new post every 2 weeks! They will be written by me, of course, and sometimes even by our team Co-founders who are delighted to provide you advice and answer your questions!

Bioo Community

Last but not least, don’t forget to comment and let us know your opinion! Together we are stronger to make a change in the world.

Thanks for joining our passion for a better world. Remember this Blog is because of you and for you.

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