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International Day Against Global Warming at Bioo

Bioo has set itself the goal of offsetting the carbon footprint that each employee will generate throughout their working life. In this regard, it has incorporated health insurance for the planet into its social benefits and remuneration package, which it has named “The 69 Trees Policy”.

Barcelona, 28 January 2022 - Bioo was established to create new ways of using nature itself as an energy source in a respectful way. Today, it aims to lead the transformation of society by introducing a new way of interacting with nature and without harming it, thanks to biotechnology. Examples of this include batteries that can be plugged into the ground to power agricultural sensors for crop monitoring or the plant piano from Ibiza Botanico Biotecnológico that uses plants to produce sound and light instead of keys.

Bioo welcomed 2022 by planting a tree for each employee (and their families) to offset part of their carbon footprint. Each tree will absorb a total of 176 kg of CO2. This amount is they would be expected to produce over a period of 40 years according to the reference values included in the registry of carbon footprint, compensation, and carbon dioxide absorption projects of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

However, the biotech startup wanted to go one step further and has set itself the goal of completely offsetting the CO2 emissions of each person who joins the company by planting 69 trees for each employee over a two-year period. The initiative, which will offset 7.15 tons of CO2 per year per employee, has been incorporated into the company's social benefits and remuneration package as health insurance for the planet, which has been named “The 69 Trees Policy”. And it will be implemented for every new employee who joins the company in the future. Bioo is therefore firmly committed to completely offsetting the carbon footprint of each employee throughout their working life.

In the words of Fabiana Molina, Bioo's Human Resources Manager: “At Bioo we want to give back to nature everything it offers us. How could we not be the ones to start an initiative like this! Firstly, because we think of nature as an ally and not as something to profit from. Secondly, because our company is a startup where everything oozes creativity. For us, the seed that has been planted symbolises the desire for those who join the team and share our commitment to a more sustainable future to remain a part of the Bioo ecosystem in some way”.

The urgent need to curb global warming is linked to increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. Trees, capable of absorbing carbon and generating oxygen, are one solution that can help tackle this global problem. Bioo started the initiative in collaboration with the company Bosques Sostenibles that planted the first trees as part of the Montgrí Continental Dune Reforestation Project (Montgrí, Medes Islands, and Baix Ter Natural Park) at the beginning of the year.

Bosques Sostenibles has been carrying out forest restoration projects on the Iberian Peninsula since 2010. In addition to being a company certified by the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition, its work is recognised in Europe as a success story by Eustafor, which represents European organisations focused on forest management.


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