Using our technology of transforming plants into switches, we’ve created our ‘Living Installations’.  With them we can activate music, lights and even screens with a touch to make cities, stores, companies, events and establishments even more attractive for your customers.



Multiple uses at once

Bioo Installations Hotel.png

Lights, sounds, videos and many other functionalities could be activated by our technology at once. Just by touching a plant. Let your imagination fly and let's renew and differentiate your brand. 


designs for

Green Walls

Plant Pots

wild plants

Using our plug-and-play technology to adapt pre-existing plants as domotic structures

Or try the new ready-to-use biological switches

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Bioo ONE


⌀ 40 cm by 40 cm high

Internal LED lightning included

Optional 10m external LED stripes

Optional audio system

Bioo TWO


⌀ 38 cm by 112 cm high

Internal LED lightning included

Optional 10m external LED stripes

Optional audio system

How it works


Every installation works as a biological switch. The process begins when touching a plant by a living being. No wind or rainfall will activate it.


When coming into contact, living plants perceive frecuency changes which are converted into a voltage.


This voltaje is transmited through their conductive bodies and the soil. Bioo's devices captures this signal and converts it into a switch to activate any externally powered system.

Recent Projects

Bioo Installations Green city of the future.jpg
Redesigning a city center

Developing the first domotic park in the world. A 21st century monument where plants are able to turn on lights at night in a unique symbiosis with the human being. Each plant has a light color; when touched, the road gets illumitaed and when touching different plants, the colors fuse together (night time showcased at the upper portrait image).

Bioo Installations at Ibiza Botanico Music with Plants

Plants transformed into the first ever existing piano! A system and installation that transforms each plant into a piano keynote or into a key to activate any sound or instrument. 

Bioo Installations forest Library of the Future
Developing a Living Library

Transforming a park into the first living library in the world. A space where plants store voice messages, and when touched, they are reproduced in a whisper. Teachings from people who left a footprint in our society will never be forgoten as long as we don't forget  about nature.

Bioo Installations at corporate event plants activating light
Company's Private

Installations at a private event to launch a new sustainable collection. Living installations to activate a particular event area and demonstrate the main values of the collection: sustainability and innovation. 

Music from Nature

Bioo Installations Bioo Piano Ibiza musica con plantas music with plants
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Experiences are the best sellers

Each idea is unique and scalable


Astound in a different way

Tropical Leaves

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