As a R+D company, our research team is focused on the field of biotechnology developing unique solutions were nature is the essence of our product. 

The next green revolution depends on a leap yet under development, and Bioo aims to be a fundamental part of it.

Research &

Bioo Sensor

Our bioreactor's technology within Bioo Sensor is part of the research FET project with other 9 entities from all around Europe. In this project, a GrowBot is developed, and we're providing green energy to its incredible mechanism. 

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Developing the first 100% sustainable sensor for precission agriculture energetically powered by the land itself, saving costs by eliminating chemical batteries and their replacements, and avoiding the use of expensive solar panel installations or their maintenance.

Energy Output*





100ms 28W discharge/day


20 cm


10 cm

*Every discharge is automatically re-charged by the soil every 24h in-field.

Applicable to humidity, temperature and pH sensors among others, including a wireless communication system.

A biological battery nourishing from soil
Bioo Sensor Technology White.png

The cell's mechanism is powered by a consortium of microorganisms living in their natural medium

Organic matter from fertilizers and the soil is dragged by irrigation and rain-water inside the cell

Bioo's microbical fuel cell is powered by organic matter and fertilizers

Microorganisms break down the organic molecules setting electrons free, thus generating an electrical current in the cell

Durable, Inexpensive &

Bioo Sensor works only with soil, naturally present bateria, fertilizers and water. It has no dependency on photoautotrophs on the field. This makes it suitable to measure the terrain before and after planting the crops. It's twice as cheap as batteries and 10 times cheaper than solar panels on agricultural sensors.

Bioo Panel

Bioo Panel.jpg

Installed underground it will visually fit to the landscape and constantly produce electricity during day and night.

Bioo Panel is part of Bioo's R+D SME project funded by the European Comission under the H2020 framework. 

Developing a unique natural panel that generates and supplies energy from earth's bacteria to light up systems on parks and gardens.

Its goal is to be applicable in automatic irrigation systems (V1) and light points in parks and gardens (V2).

Energy Output





67Wh/year per m²


25 cm


40x40 cm

Bioo Panel Pilot Installation.jpg
100% natural energy

Producing electricity by natural microorganisms in the soil and collaborating to reduce carbon emissions with a plant layer on its top protecting the internal system from the exterior.

Areas of Work


Electrochemical characterization of microorganisms, electrogenic biofilms and study of microorganism-electrode interactions.

Bioo Team lab.jpg
Bioo team lab with plants.jpg

Controlled plant growth in climatic chamber, plant electro-physiology studies, stress conditions and plant-microorganism interactions.

Electronic Engineering

Electrochemical characterization of microbial fuel fells, energy harvesting optimization, sensor management and wireless communications.

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industrial engineer at Bioo
Industrial & Project Engineering

Design and implementation of industrial projects through testing, selection of providers and components, technical reporting and installations. 

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